SomnoDent® FAQs

How effective is SomnoDent?

SomnoDent SomnoDent FAQs

  • 96% of patients with proven OSA state they would like to continue using SomnoDent
  • 91% of patients reported improvement in sleep quality with SomnoDent
  • 88% of patients reported nightly use of SomnoDent

Am J Respir Crit Care Med Vol 163. Pp 1457-1461, 2011.

When is it worn?

SomnoDent is worn when you sleep. The appliance is very discrete, allowing you to close your lips so it is not obvious that you are wearing it.

Is it comfortable?

SomnoDent is extremely comfortable because it is custom made to fit your mouth, and it does not impinge upon your tongue. You can open and close your mouth normally as SomnoDent does not lock or fix your jaws together.

What if I wear dentures?

The Edent can be worn by patients without any upper or lower teeth. Your dentist will assess your suitability for an Edent implant.

What will the SomnoMed dentist do?

The qualified SomnoMed dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and mouth to confirm your oral health status, as well as ensuring that you are dentally appropriate for the appliance. Dental impressions are required to fabricate the SomnoDent. These are then sent to the SomnoMed laboratory where the appliance is made. Once custom made for you, the appliance will be fitted by your SomnoMed dentist who will instruct you on how to insert and remove it yourself, including how to clean and care for your SomnoDent.

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